March 30, 2008

About Me

So here’s where I get to write a little bit about myself. I’m a live truck engineer for KATU-TV in Portland, Oregon. I moved out here in October of 2004. I’ve been doing this kind of work for almost 10 years now.

I grew up in the small town of Isanti located in the east central part of Minnesota. There I grew up with my parents, younger sister and older brother. I graduated from Cambridge High School in the summer of 1996. I then moved down to the twin cities to begin school at Brown Institute where I earned my Degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting. From there I went on to work for KMWB television as a production assistant. I spent just over year working for them before moving on to KSTP-TV just a couple miles down the road. This is where I was introduced to the news business.

At KSTP I first worked in the studio as a production assistant, but soon found myself moving to the news department and beginning my career as a live truck engineer. The fun part of this job is all the different places it takes you. Trust me, I’ve gotten to go to some different places. I’ve driven all over Minnesota. The more exotic live remotes took place in Baltimore, Maryland and Fort Meyers, Florida. I got to meet a lot of very nice people while working in the twin cities. I also began volunteering for a couple groups in the metro area. One being SKYWARN, a severe storm spotting network of ham radio operators. Once I was signed up with them I studied and earned my Technician Class license for amateur radio. KC0EVP is the call sign if you yourself are also on the air. I also dedicated a lot of time to the Twin Cities Gay Hockey Association as their public relations and media coordinator. Yes, I even took to the ice after going through adult hockey school and played with the team for 2 years. It was fun seeing that group grow and mature. They’ve now got a solid foundation to work on and continue to grow and foster the game of hockey. After working at KSTP for just over 5 years, and living in Minnesota for 27 years, it was time for a change of scenery.

In 2004 I met Kip. As of writing this page, we’ve been together for 4 years. He was living in Portland at the time we met and I was still in St. Paul. One of us had to make the move, and it was much easier for me to pack up and move than for him. In October of 2004 I pulled into Portland, Oregon and began my work at KATU. I’m doing the same thing I’ve always done. The travel isn’t as extensive, but it’s nice to be home more often. I’ve worked with and met many wonderful people while out here. It seems that where ever you go, you tend to be surrounded by good friends some of which have made their own life changes.

There’s plenty to do here, just not enough time to take advantage of it. When I’m not working, I enjoy working around the house. I’ve attempted to work on my gardening and landscaping skills. The small garden in the backyard produces some vegetables during the spring and summer months. I also continue to shoot and edit video that I capture on occasion. I do prefer to shoot subjects in the outdoors and you’ll find me carrying the camera along on work assignments as well as excursions into the wilderness. Hiking and camping are popular out here and we like to get at least one camping trip in each year as well as several hikes. You don’t have to drive far from downtown to find yourself isolated in the Mount Hood wilderness. Kip’s family enjoys camping and so to find us taking over a campground isn’t uncommon in early August. Portland is situated in the perfect spot. One can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing then head 2 hours west and take a walk on the beach. We also both enjoy watching and supporting our Portland Winterhawks, Portland Beavers, Timbers, and U of O Ducks come football season.

Keep checking in here, I may update as time goes by or as things change.  Oh, and feel free to email me.

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